Every year more than 400 licensed cultivators across California trust Dark Heart to start their crop cycle, making us the leading genetics purveyor in the state.
We’ve been in the game since 2007, providing California cultivators with consistently premium, pest and disease-free cannabis plants. Our clones, teens and feminized seedlings are bred from top-shelf, award-winning genetics that will perform well indoors and out. Through our rigorous Clean Plant Program, we offer the highest level of phytosanitation in the industry.
Commercial Growers
Whatever the environment—outdoor, greenhouse, indoor, or anywhere in between, and no matter the mission—extraction, commercial or exotic flower, we have the genetics to match the grow. And we cater to any size, from a single indoor room of a few hundred plants to an outdoor farm needing tens or hundreds of thousands.

Between our industry-leading Integrated Pest Management program and rigorous quality assurance program, including multiple rounds of human inspection of each plant until the time they’re packed and on the truck, we offer worry-free plants our customers can be confident about.
Home Growers
We delight in knowing that no other population is as passionate, adventurous, or curious as those that grow in their own gardens.

We were the first large scale commercial clone nursery selling to home growers through dispensaries, and we’re now available in more than 60 dispensaries throughout California. These enthusiasts have access to our full menu of genetics plus some novelties all their own, including ultra unique cultivars and EZ pots: auto-flowering seedlings potted and fully fertilized—just water and watch it grow.
The magic—propagation, breeding, cultivation, and research—happens in our nursery. Nestled in the agricultural community of Half Moon Bay, CA, our expansive 70,000-square-foot facility helps keep up with the voracious demand for our genetics. Our one-of-a-kind greenhouse—powered by the sun—reduces our environmental impact, ushering in a more sustainable future.
We are a one-stop shop for cultivators of all kinds. Indoor and greenhouse growers tend to favor our clones, which are exact copies of award-winning genetics. They might also opt for teens, also exact clonal replicas, grown to 18-inches tall. Farther along in their vegetative states, teens save growers time and money. Outdoor growers utilize the full range of our products—teens, clones, feminized and auto-flowering seedlings—depending on need and time of year.
Clean Plant Program
Strict regulations within the cannabis industry ban the use of many pesticides and fungicides considered mainstays in other agricultural realms. Undeterred by the challenge, we’ve developed extensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols in our nursery, relying on natural and biological controls, along with relentless scouting. Our plants also start cleaner. All Dark Heart clones originate in our tissue culture lab in Davis, CA. Here, the genetics are scrubbed clean of pathogens including hop latent viroid. The cumulative result: our plants arrive pest, disease, and worry-free, ready to grow.