Our Science team is singularly focused on producing the innovations required to transform cannabis into a modern, fully-scaled agribusiness.
Molecular Genomics and Breeding
Twentieth century breeders did a masterful job of keeping alive the genetic building blocks of cannabis and catering to consumer preferences. For growers to succeed in this century and beyond, they need both jaw-dropping genetic variety along with all the benefits of modern breeding.

Equipped with genetic sequencing technologies and marker-assisted breeding, we’re able to quickly unlock a plant’s full potential, selecting not only for cannabinoid and terpene profiles, but also for increased yields, ease of growth, faster maturity, decreased hermaphroditism, and improved disease resistance. At Dark Heart, we preserve the work of heritage growers while centering growers in all of our breeding.
At Dark Heart, we preserve the work of heritage growers while centering growers in all of our breeding.
Stable Hybrid Seeds
For cannabis sales to surpass $40 billion per year as predicted, cannabis production needs to grow exponentially—while the cost to grow a pound of cannabis shrinks to a fraction of what it is today.

The key to this step-change is the development of stable hybrid seeds. Today's cannabis seeds don't measure up. They produce heterogenous plants, so farmers can't use large scale equipment or systems, and get inconsistent results. Dark Heart is using leading-edge breeding science to develop and deploy stable hybrid cannabis seeds. Previously unavailable in the cannabis world, stable hybrid seeds grow faster, healthier, and more productive crops at a much lower cost of production than either clones or conventionally produced seed. The seeds are completely uniform, and well-suited for production in a variety of environments.
Pathology and Diagnostics
When no one else knew what was causing widespread stunting, dudding, and crop loss in grows across California (and far beyond), our team doubled down on research. Aided by an industry-first tissue culture lab, our top notch scientists made us the first—and only—company to identify and cure the hop latent viroid (HpLVd) in 2019. Solving this critical issue in cannabis health instantly helped customers gain 30+ percent improvement in crop yields and secured us as the top innovators within the cannabis ag-tech space.

Today, our brand new, state-of-the-art laboratory located in Davis, CA provides consulting, diagnostics, and treatment for a range of pathogens and diseases including Botritus, powdery mildew, and—of course—the hop latent viroid.

Our lab services also include cultivar rejuvenation and genetic stock storage, with recovery and acclimatization available to create and deliver rooted plugs to your grow.
In 2019, Dark Heart is the first—and only—company to identify and cure the hop latent viroid (HpLVd).
Partner Field Trials
Running experiments in the lab is one thing, but capturing data on how genetic breeding works in the real world is crucial to success. Our science team manages field trials with cultivation partners across many geographies, micro-climates and growing environments. They're building the industry's largest data set that captures how changes to genetic makeup result in plants that are more resistant to pathogens, mold, insects, pesticides, unintentional pollination and other factors that currently create massive risk and inefficiency in cannabis production.

Lead Scientists

Jeremy Warren, PH.D

Ph.D in Plant Pathology from UC Davis. 18 years in the field. Discovered Hop Latent Viroid in cannabis. Leads plant sciences division.

Kay Watt, PH.D

Ph.D in Plant Breeding from UC Davis. 5 years of field work in breeding. Leads breeding initiatives.