We are a proud industry leader in driving technological and scientific advancement in cannabis genetics.
The Problem We're Solving
For an industry projected to grow at a staggering 21 percent compounded annual rate, becoming a $41 billion industry by 2025, cannabis remains saddled with inefficiencies, making it one of the most costly commercial crops to grow in one of the most competitive markets.

Currently characterized by traditional small scale, labor-intensive production practices, it costs a hefty $75,000 to grow an acre of cannabis, while it costs just $574 to grow an acre of corn. Cannabis production has some catching up to do.
The Opportunity
Held back by prohibition and untouched by universities and government agencies, cannabis never entered the world of modern agriculture—something afforded decades ago to every other commercial crop.

For cannabis, basic cultivation concerns—including pest and pathogen resistance and improved, consistent yields—have barely been addressed. Once shored up, cannabis can move towards automated commercial systems for everything from planting and maintaining plant health to harvest and processing.

We Are Uniquely Positioned
Dark Heart is not the only company applying genetic breeding technology to cannabis. But as the trusted provider of genetics to hundreds of commercial cannabis farmers—including the largest growers in California—for over 14 years, we have unparalleled access to the largest customer base in the world as we bring stable hybrid seed and other new products to market.
We engineer the code that drives the cannabis industry.
Just as software is built on computer code, cannabis runs on genetic code. Software companies invest money and time to develop a new application but once launched, their software can generate virtually infinite revenue and profits for years to come, with little additional cost.

Our investment into genetically developing stable hybrid seeds gives Dark Heart this same opportunity. Like software, these seeds will give us the ability to rapidly scale the company nationally, and eventually internationally.

Key Investment Appeals

We have a 14-year track record of strong commercial traction, well beyond other cannabis biotech companies.
Dark Heart is the #1 genetics provider for the world's largest cannabis market, servicing hundreds of commercial customers in California, including the largest growers in the state.
Our work in genetic breeding is reinventing the company, creating recurring revenue, huge margins and rapid scaling.
Our genetic breeding program is built on a strong commercial foundation.
Biotech Program
Since opening the world’s first cannabis tissue culture lab in 2016, and launching our proprietary pathology services, we’ve led the way in cannabis biotech. Today, our state-of-the-art laboratory in Davis, CA employs molecular breeding tools to accelerate development and improve results. Our experienced scientists, overseen by a team of luminary advisors, provides diagnostic, laboratory, and plant health consulting services to California growers.
Shipping 1.1 million clones to more than 400 active farmers in 2020 gives us a monster share of the California market—the largest market in the United States. We maintain more than 200 proprietary cultivars in our state-of-the-art tissue culture and biotech laboratory in Davis, CA, while our 70,000-square-foot greenhouse in Half Moon Bay, CA is capable of producing tens of millions of seeds annually. Unlike most genetics companies, we remain dedicated to supporting home growers by providing hobbyist-only cultivars and products and distributing those from our network of retail partners.
Consumer Brands
Building on the popularity of our distinctive genetics, our consumer packaged goods span consumer tastes and price points. All the flower for our consumer products is sourced from our own grower partners, giving them a trusted, reliable customer for their crop. Having a retail link proves consumer demand for new and emerging cultivars, giving peace of mind for farmers to grow them.

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