At the end of the day, we’re cultivating relationships.
Our History
We got our start cultivating flowers, learning firsthand the challenges facing any cannabis grower. Knowing we weren’t alone, we founded Dark Heart Nursery in 2007 to provide solutions, namely the supply of varied, healthy, stable genetics.
Mission and Culture
Today, our mission is clear: empower growers to thrive by pioneering innovative products and services. But we don’t stop there. We approach each partnership as a symbiotic alliance where both the grower and Dark Heart each learn, grow and thrive together over time.

We’ve built a company culture that supports our mission. We base it on five core values: grit, integrity, accountability, adaptability and continuous improvement. You’ll see these values in our people, our policies and our principles. There’s a heart in our logo for a reason.
The love of cannabis and a common desire to right the wrongs done by a century of prohibition bring us together. Dark Heart employs an exceptional and ever-growing team of people from many continents, nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, religious and political beliefs, sexual orientations, and educational profiles. The more diverse people we can unite under the flag of empowering growers and accelerating the evolution of cannabis, the stronger our collective voice.

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    We are seeking talented individuals who are interested in joining an intellectually stimulating, socially responsible company with an impressive track record of success.

    Connect with us today and be part of Dark Heart's journey as we strive to write the next chapter in the history of cannabis.

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