the most trusted
innovators in the industry,
Here to help
you outgrow your
As the most trusted innovators in the industry,
we’re here to help you outgrow your expectations.
At the end of the day, we’re cultivating relationships.
Our Mission:
Empower Growers to Thrive by Pioneering Innovative Products and Services
We are California's original and most respected cannabis genetics company, serving the largest commercial growers to home growers statewide. Today we continue to lead the way through innovations in plant health and genetic breeding.
Our Businesses
As the original provider of cannabis genetics at scale for California growers, our new 70,000-square-foot greenhouse enables us to continue being the largest provider of clones, teens and seedlings for the state, catering to any grow, of any size, for any purpose, and in any condition.
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Consumer Brands
Legends, Headstash, and Breeder’s Choice allow you to sample our hand-picked, proprietary genetics, grown by our most trusted cultivators.
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For cannabis to become a $40 billion commercial crop requires leapfrogging advancements in genetic breeding. Our scientific team is at the forefront of this agricultural revolution.
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